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MBI – Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Your car is a major investment. Give yourself peace of mind by purchasing MBI (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance).

Choose between four plans which cover your vehicle’s most important and expensive mechanical parts and offers:

  • Nationawide Protection
  • Wear and Tear Coverage
  • Towing Rental
  • Tire Protection Travel and Lodging
  • Roadside Assistance

This insurance is reasonably priced and can be purchased for new or used* vehicles.
* A pre-owned vehicle plan must be purchased at the time the vehicle is purchased.

GAP – Guaranteed Auto Protection

Your vehicle insurance may not completely pay off your loan if your vehicle is totaled or stolen. GAP Insurance may help give you peace of mind. It can help payoff the vehicle and gives you $1,000 toward your new vehicle.

Give us a call at (925)771-5600 for current rates and more information.

Credit Life and Disability Insurance

A safety net when you need it most

MEMBER’S CHOICE Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance works in two different ways. You and your family won’t have to make loan payments if you’re totally disabled due to an injury. It will help pay your loan until you’re fully recovered, or, in the event of an unexpected death, it will help pay off the loan.* Savings, salary, or payoffs from other life insurance may be protected, giving your family financial freedom when they need it most.

*For terms of your contract agreement; up to your policy agreement