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onlinebnkingElectronic bill pay is a safe and convenient way to pay bills.

Set the payment up and pay at your convenience!

With Online Bill Pay you can:

  • Pay anyone-even the babysitter!
  • View and track up to 18 months of payment history
  • Schedule one-time and recurring payments, up to one year in advance
  • Control who, when, and how much you pay, unlike auto debit!
  • Securely receive bill reminders, track recent payments, and view bill history all from one convenient screen.

Sign up is quick and easy. Simply log into e*teller and click on “Bill Pay”. Confirm your information and you will be paying your bills in less than 5 minutes. Contact us at 771-5600 to set up e*teller if you have not used it yet.

Funds will be deducted from your bill payment account, on the date the payment is due (in most cases). Electronic payments will come out of your account via ACH and clear your account Monday through Friday in the mornings when we post ACH. If the item clears by check, a check will be drafted from your account and mailed to the vendor. It will not come out of your account until the vendor/biller processes the item. It will show up like you have written a draft. The numbers of these checks will be in the 5000 series.

You will also be able to set up ebills. If ebill service is available from your biller, it will show up on your screen when you sign into bill pay. You can click on the icon and set up to have these bills come in and set up automatically.

Log in to e-teller to get started today!

If you have any questions, please call 888-918-7670 for 24 hour, 7 day a week service, or send a note to info@diablovalleyfcu.org.