Fee Schedule

Share Account / Share Draft Account / Electronic Funds Transfer
Overdraft covered by automatic transfer from savings $2.00
Temporary checks includes 8 checks $2.00
Return unpaid check or EFT $25.00
Courtesy clearing per item $25.00
Duplicate Statement $2.00
Photocopy of paid check after 2 per statement $3.00
Returned deposit item $20.00
Stop payment order per check or lost/stolen series $20.00
minimim charge $20.00
Written balance verification to 3rd party $10.00
Legal Process Fee (Levy, etc.)
each notice
Non-member check cashingper item
Inactive account fee (12 months no activity)
per month
Reference Letter $10.00
Account closing within 6 months of opening $5.00
Home Banking - e*teller FREE
Bill Payer
This service will be turned off if there is
no bill payment activity for 90 days.

Visa® Account

Service/Occurrence Fee
Annual fee NONE
Replacement card $20.00
Rush Fee $25.00
Document copy fee $5.00
Return payment fee $25.00
Late payment fee $15.00

ATM Debit / MasterCard

Service/Occurrence Fee
CO-OP ATM transactions FREE
Non-CO-OP ATM transaction $1.25
Non-CO-OP ATM inquiry fee $0.25
Non-CO-OP ATM Share transfer fee $0.25
ATM deposit error $15.00
Replacement card $5.00
Reinstated suspended or revoked ATM card $10.00
Rush fee $40.00

Service Fees

Service/Occurrence Fee
Money Orders $1.00 to $1,000 $2.50 each
Certified check per check charge $5.00
Wire fee domestic $20.00
foreign $25.00
Travelers checks one or two signature $1.00 per $100
gift checks $2.50
IRA Account (any type)annual admin fee (each)
Stop payment of certified check (30-day reissue) $20.00
Domestic Check Collection non-imageable item $10.00
Foreign check deposit fee
cost to DVFCU from processing institution
Notary Service (by appointment only) FREE for DVFCU members
Visa Gift Cards $3.95

Shared Branching Fees

Withdrawals - Free Unless withdrawal is made out in the form of a check, $5.00, or rolled coin, $0.25 per roll
Up to 15 checks - Free
rolled coin: $0.25 per roll
16 or more items: $.20 per check
Fax Request
$3.00 for the first page
$1.00 for each additional page
Money Orders $3.00 each
Travelers Checks
1% of face value for single signature checks
1.5% of face value for dual signature checks
Notary Service $10 per signature per document
Photocopies $.50 each page
Indemnification (Stop Payment) Agreement $25.00 each
Fees are subject to change.
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